Some info

My name is Jon 2E0OPT I took my Amateur radio foundation license exam in Feb 2020 and getting the callsign M7KMW whilst under lockdown studied and later passed the Intermediate license exam and took my current callsign of 2E0OPT. In the meantime due to lack of a local amateur radio club I found and joined The Online Radio club I’ve learnt so much about the hobby from the members and I’ll forever be grateful for the help I received along the way, all the silly questions I had answered by the more knowledgeable members. It was during this time I developed a interest in digital voice and the underlying systems it has. I started as a way to document my adventures in amateur radio, In particular Digital voice and my Digital voice reflector It’s a nice place in the hobby where some of my other skills crossover with amateur radio. Don’t get me wrong this site won’t just be about Digital voice I do work HF, Digtal modes (such as PSK31, Olivia and HELL) and analog VHF/UHF (4m and 6m bands included, soon hopefully!) and I plan to look into amateur satellites too.

My vision for this website is not to spoon-feed knowledge in the way of walkthroughs but hopefully be a place where those following the same path may pick up snippets of information that will help further them in their journey.

73 for now