Yes I’ve been playing with allstar and I must say I do like the sound quality of allstar, it’s node based setup and once you have your head around how it works it’s a doddle to use. In the past I’ve used allstar and at the time their wiki was a little incomplete and I ended up putting the software down and not touching it until recently. Since then it looks to have improved immensely which left me setting up a node to simply link XLX497 and grew into me setting up a node on a raspberry pi and then onto buying myself a micro node to use with a HT. The openreflector node is available via Module B YSF69742, and DMR by connecting to XLX497 module B. alternatively you can connect via allstar node 525500

I’ve also setup a discord server if anyone wants to drop in and leave me a message or perhaps you are attempting something similar for your group/club and would like a little help perhaps (no echolink talk im afraid :S ). By all means drop in!

That’s all for now folks!