Ok As you might have guessed by now I enjoy digital voice I like to get under the hood see how they work I’ve done so with DMR, YSF, and Dstar with moderate success. I recently started playing with Allstar and linking that into my copy of XLX. Next was to add echolink link into that. I’ve never really had any issues getting access to anything else. I use the DMR id I was issued with for example in line with my license conditions. So I thought getting a echolink “sysops” account wouldn’t be any different. I furnished them with my license documents that confirms that yes I am a licensed radio amateur and as usual waited for whomever checks these things to go through it. That’s seemingly where the problems began…

Things get confusing

I get an email saying my application had been denied, I was a little confused as the e-mail seemed to be a lot of nonsense to my eyes. Something about an intermediate license holder needing a NoV to have a Echolink-L (link account) I had a chuckle realising that this was quiet clearly wrong. My license doesn’t say anything about needing a NoV to run anything to do with echolink. At my license level I require a NoV if I want to run a Simplex gateway but IF I had a NoV for such I’d be using the callsign that was assigned to the NoV not my own… So I took off to the echolink website looked all over for a contact email so hopefully speak to who ever had sent the uninformed email. SHOCK there is NO email address listed! Really? one can only assume they don’t want people contacting them.

I ran through the validation process again with the hope of perhaps getting in touch with someone, Nope only the same person replying saying I needed a NoV and even though I pointed out there were other intermediates with -L accounts the reply was “you need a NoV” UGH

What next?

Nothing, I want nothing to do with a group that deals with communication does not list an e-mail address. It’s either stupidity or done on purpose either way it says to me that they don’t want to communicate. Good going echolink. Fair enough check I have valid license that part is fine by me I wouldn’t want unlicensed operators on my network but this is a bit far. The part about the requiring a NoV is utter nonsense you don’t need a NoV to play with Echolink. whoever I spoke to isn’t licensed in the UK or if they are they should be ashamed with their rather awful interpretation of license conditions. I guess I will never know Mr Gatekeeper never bothered to include his callsign, name or anything else.
So I will take the stance of not linking any part of openreflectors digital voice systems into echolink. If I find anyone linking it I will block it, at least until they provide me with a NoV ;)

Anyway thats enough for now