What have I been upto?

I thought I’d post an update about what I’ve been upto. I must admit I have been rather busy with my head in documentation and scratching my head a lot but I have got some things done. My P25 reflector 994 is up and running and I managed to get it added to pi-star. My next task with that project is to get the P25 reflector linked into XLX497 I found the best way to piece the different pieces of software together is putting them down in image form it makes it somewhat easier on the brain.

An example image(°0°)

This gives a good example of where I am with connecting the P25 reflector with XLX. I found Diagram.net a handy resource as it runs in the browser, has a downloadable version to for most operating systems. Best of all it’s free!!

I’ve also started playing with DVswitch server on a raspberry pi 3b I had spare and using the pyuc on my desktop and whilst I can access DMR via BM, YSF etc I can’t access my instance of XLX. Hopefully I will get that sorted out pretty soon!

Whats next?

I have a few other things on the horizon to take a look at Allstar being one of them I want to get my understanding of it down and setup a node of some description for myself. I have NXDN to look into and M17 intrigues me somewhat so I guess I will look into that also.

Thats all for now folks!