This is my first proper post after getting this website set up. So far I have setup XLX ~~ XLX497 ~~ and have spent the last week playing with MMDVM_Bridge, connecting it to different networks etc. I will make a more in depth post at some point in the future about it and some of the pitfalls to avoid. As for projects going forward there are far too many, A few include Getting to grips with Allstar and connecting it upto my install of XLX. Other things include installing a p25 reflector and setting up my own DMR server mainly to see how it all works. As I now hold a intermediate license and it allows me to apply for a NoV that would allow me to run a simplex gateway I’m itching to give it a go.

There is so much to actual digital voice it’s almost a hobby in itself, I don’t think however it replaces HF but for those that cannot get onto HF, wether that being not able to erect a HF antenna or high local noise, Digital voice can allow an amateur to talk to other amateurs all over the world. Wether that includes the internet is not important I’d love to see any modern amateur enjoy the hobby to it’s fullest without some kind of internet access.

Anyway thats enough for now